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Blockchain and FinTech Law Services

With certified education in blockchain strategies for business and financial technology from the University of Oxford, I consult with businesses to assist them with assessing the viability of blockchain integration into existing and prospective business processes. Additional analysis includes whether the blockchain will issue tokens, and whether issued tokens trigger securities treatment in applicable jurisdictions.  Financial services include advice and counsel regarding FinCEN regulations for money service businesses and applicable state money transmitter licensing, Bank Secrecy Act requirements for KYC/AML compliance, and third party independent reviews for financial services providers inclusive of blockchain-issued coins/tokens.

  • Blockchain development, strategies and framework

  • Crypto-exchanges and their regulation

  • Digital currencies

  • Enterprise education for industry applications

  • Initial Coin Offerings / Security Token Offerings (ICOs/STOs)

  • Money Service Business and Money Transmitter License compliance

  • BSA/AML independent reviews

  • Smart contracts and developer liability

  • Tokenomics Analysis: Security vs. Utility vs. Hybrid

  • Other DLT related technologies, e.g. sharged databases, wallets, multi-sig. transaction auth., bio-auth., etc.

  • Evolving regulatory environment in the US and abroad

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